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Esri + Spatial.ai: Revealing Powerful Insights from Geosocial Data
Leveraging Geosocial data is now easier than ever through Spatial.ai’s new partnership with Esri. We have integrated with the leader in spatial mapping and analysis to provide an entirely new, organic, and up-to-date behavioral dataset about communities.

Using machine learning, Spatial clusters geo-tagged social conversations into meaningful segments of behavior for block groups nationwide, helping understand the attitudes, behaviors, and interests most common in a community. All of this, now available as a layer in your ArcGIS platform for immediate use.
How to Use the Data
Discover insights about neighborhoods, cities, and communities to better inform:
Site Selection for a Brand
Surgically select your next store or optimize your portfolio based on real customer behaviors.
Product Fit for a Store
Assess SKU level performance and uncover new locations ripe for product.
Marketing & Strategy
Profile consumer interests and attitudes and customize in-store experience (hours of operation, store concept, design).
Tenant Fit in Shopping Center
Merchandise your center with shopping and experiences that align with consumer interests and attitudes.
Spend budgets efficiently by refining OOH, direct mail, and digital ad targeting.
Urban Planning
Determine new commerce opportunities best suited to a developing town or city.
Esri Video Mini-Course
Video tutorials walking you through Geosocial data on Esri’s ArcGIS platform, Business Analyst.
Nike Location Highlight
Site Selection
Leasing Strategy
Tenant Representation
Marketing & Strategy
Portfolio Analysis
Suitability Analysis
Urban Planning
Esri + Spatial.ai: Revealing Powerful Insights from Geosocial Data
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