Introducing Xéro

Explore the world with simple natural language

B2B real-time location API

Xéro deploys Spatial data into in-ear and in-vehicle AI assistants. Allowing humans for the first time to answer  questions like “I am with my wife, show me the best restaurants near sunset views”.

Brilliance is all around us… And no one notices it.

Floating over every city is an invisible layer of social data full of rich human-driven location data. Unstructured data, stored in disconnected systems, becoming more difficult to handle every day. For AI assistants, mobile carriers and automotive companies the opportunity to leverage this layer to illuminate cities is endless.

Enter Spatial Xéro. We integrate all of the relevant source data into a single coherent model. The result is a fluid behavioral profile of a city. By reducing friction between users and their destinations, Xéro augments human’s social location intelligence. For the first time users get an at-a-glance understanding at the vivid culture of a cities.

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