Realtyna users now have access to the most advanced neighborhood personality tool for real estate.

Spatial Neighborhood Personality Tool

Using Artificial Intelligence and Big Data, we can visualize the personality of neighborhoods in cities on your map search.

See how it works in the demo below.

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Neighborhood personalities driven by social media
Family Fun
We analyze over 30 sources of social media data to present local insights about cities.

Adding Spatial to your site

  • Step 1: Check to see if your region is supported below (and if you aren’t sure, send us a message using the circular red chat button on the bottom right of this page)

  • Step 2: Click “Subscribe to Spatial” below, share the URL of the website you are adding Spatial to, and sign up using the promo code: Realtyna

  • Step 3: If you haven’t already, make sure to get the WPL Spatial plug-in from Realtyna’s website: click here

  • Step 4: Make sure to follow all Realtyna integration instructions and the instructions in the email we will send you! It’s simple and easy. You may contact either Spatial or Realtyna with any questions.

Check our list of supported areas

Spatial’s Exclusive Offer for Realtyna Users

1: Free trial (30 days from start of subscription, cancel any time)

2: $25 off per month. For life. (Be sure to use code: Realtyna)


About Realtyna

Realtyna is the leading provider of web/mobile applications and services for the Real Estate Listing and Vacation Rental websites. Realtyna products and services can be used to build simple websites to most advanced listing portals with connectivity to various data sources such as MLS, IDX, XML, etc.

Realtyna main listing platform is called WPL which is a popular WordPress plugin. WPL is now fully integrated with “Spatial Map API” to bring an additional layer of useful information and personality to the map function on WPL.

More about Realtyna WPL:

WPL Basic which is in fact the most advanced free WordPress Plugin for Real Estate with hundreds of interesting features and lots of flexibility.

WPL Pro which adds even more features to the amazing WPL basic, and it is necessary if you would like to use any additional add-ons including Spatial Integration Plugin.