There is an invisible layer of data over every city
Tap into the social layer of location. Categorized, quantified, and delivered to power analysis.
Retail and Restaurants
People are unique, so are locations. Spatial's data, analytics, and reporting products for retailers and restaurants measure the unique personalities of the community surrounding stores. Make fully informed real estate and local marketing decisions driven directly by human behavior.
City Science
We provide behavioral data to illuminate where people live and work, and the mobility systems that connect them, in order to meet the profound challenges in the future.
location intelligence
Qualitative behavior, quantified
location intelligence
Census data
Traffic data
Our Mission
Restoring cities through quantified insight
Cities are mankind’s greatest invention. As they grow, our tools for understanding them fall behind. Every decision, from transportation design to retail location impacts our communities. We look forward to a city with foundations, designed and built on human understanding. Spatial brings a quantified human voice to the critical decisions that shape cities.