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A city is much more than tall buildings and roads, it's the experience of the people living in it. A city is much more than tall buildings and roads, it's the experience of the people living in it.
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Geosocial data is location-based social media data.
At Spatial.ai, we organize these billions of data points into easy-to-use and interpret "social segments" for actionable insights.
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Explore 70+ Geosocial segments of real human behavior. Measured using social data over any geographic location.
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Testimonials from our customers.
Keenan Baldwin
Co-Founder of SiteZeus
“Just because you have the same demographics around a location does not mean those individuals will behave the same way. Communities have quantifiable social differences. That’s what Geosocial data really uncovers.”
Dave Huntoon
President of Intalytics
"Retail and restaurant operators often rely on proxies for human behavior and personality as they make real estate decisions. Spatial.ai's socially-driven data provides a new way for organizations to directly incorporate the voice of consumers within trade areas of interest."
Richard Zimmer
Director of Franchising and
Real Estate at Zoup!
"Typically, data-driven decisions and qualitative insights are very separate. Spatial brings both together - quantifying the personalities of people in our restaurant communities and their impact on our business success."
Geosocial University
A growing library of resources for understanding and leveraging this powerful dataset.
The Essential Guide to Geosocial Data
Everything you need to know about location-based social media data and how to leverage it.
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case study
The X Factor for Banking Site Selection
Spatial.ai used publicly available data to quantify the impact of Geosocial data on banking real estate decision.
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Geosocial Segmentation Whitepaper
Learn how Geosocial data is organized and categorized with machine learning techniques to create powerful insights.
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Our Mission
Restoring cities through quantified human insight
Cities are mankind's greatest invention. As they grow, our tools for understanding them fall behind. Every retail location decision impacts and shapes our communities. We look forward to a city with foundations, designed and built on a greater social understanding. Spatial brings the human voice to the critical decisions that shape cities.
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