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We're We use data science and intuition to convert structured and unstructured data into powerful, easy to use, and cool datasets... all based on location.


Our products include 3 primary datasets:

  • PersonaLive - Understand the online behaviors, offline behaviors, and demographics of people.
  • Geosocial Proximity - What is an area like? Quantify social behaviors of any location.
  • GeoWeb - What types of websites do people in an area visit?

Use this documentation to learn more about what this data looks like, how it is generated, what it can be used for, and more.


We have an evolving bank of solutions by use case and industry.

Solutions by use case

You can view all use cases here.

Solutions by industry

You can view all industries here.


You can access a wealth of tutorial videos and "mini-courses" at our Academy Webpage. These are excellent examples of Geosocial datasets in action.


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