Brilliance is all around us… And no one notices it.

Surrounding around us every day is a layer of information spread throughout the earth. Cities teem with rich emotive data.

In 2015, when we looked at the available technology, we found that no one was making sense of this rich layer of social data. Brilliance was all around us, the answer to so many questions hidden in plain sight.  

We saw a need for a different technology, and we knew would take a different kind of company to build it. That’s why we founded Spatial.

Core to our belief  is that humans are at the center of everything. Data has it’s origins in the human experience but becomes disconnected. Using a combination of ethnographic research techniques and data engineering, we breathed human life back into data.


Human-driven data analysis

We’re focused on changing how humans experience data on maps. Spatial is building a future that empowers people to navigate like a local anywhere on earth. To achieve this, we build  interactive and dynamic social layers directly into maps through a human-driven, machine-assisted analysis.


Ethnographers | Engineers | Adventurers

Lyden Foust
Lyden FoustCEO
Will Kiessling
Will KiesslingCTO