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Accessing Data via API

This section of the docs shows how to read data via an application programming interface. Other data delivery methods include delivery via cloud account, via partners, and more. You can read generally about these options here.

Dataset Availability

At this time, the API is primarily designed for use with the PersonaLive dataset. If you wish to access other datasets (or even want a different way to query for PersonaLive data), let us know! We have a very capable technical team and may surprise you with how fast we can add new functionality to our API.

The main purpose of this API is to allow for automated customer record matching with the PersonaLive dataset. customers can use this API to upload information such as name and address of their customers and receive information back about which PersonaLive Segment each customer belongs to.


In order to access the API, you will need an API Key enabled for your company. Talk to your representative about getting your personalized API key.

Rate and File Size Limits

When looking to perform multiple matches, it is highly suggested that you use our process_file endpoint rather than requesting each individually.

Please limit your individual requests to 5 per second and file sizes to 2 GB in each batch request.

Terms of Use

You may store the data from this API for a year. Do not share the data itself (or in a similar form). For more information, please reach out or refer to your license. Information in your license supersedes what is written here.

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