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Accessing Data

Delivery via Cloud Account

In most cases, datasets, metadata, and any data transfer between customers and occurs via their Cloud Account. Customers are given login information upon purchase of dataset or after initiating a data evaluation.

Looking to go to your cloud account? Click here.

All customers are eligible for a cloud account to deliver dataset metadata.

Delivery via one of our Partners

We have a large ecosystem of partners who carry our datasets. Our datasets may be accessible in a geographic format by any of the partners listed on our partners page.

Data purchased or delivered through one of our partners may replace delivery through cloud account. However, all customers are eligible for a cloud account containing metadata for each of our datasets. If you purchased through a partner and need any help accessing metadata, reach out to your partner rep or

Delivery via API

We provide some methods of accessing our datasets via API. Check out the API Documentation for more info.

Other Delivery Methods

We have a capable technical team able to work with your company's needs for ingesting data, whether that's S3 bucket, GCP, FTP, API, or any other data transfer approach. Reach out to our team or contact

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