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PersonaLive combines demographics, cellphone movement, social media, and web visitation to create a psychographic (or geodemographic, as it is referred to in the UK) segmentation. This dataset labels every individual in the USA as one of 80 segments based on their demographics and the organic behaviors (social media, cell phone movement, web visitation) emanating from the area they live in.

Why PersonaLive?

Traditional psychographic segmentations rely on demographic data alone to differentiate people or areas. After segmenting using demographics, they then use survey data (typically around 25,000 respondents total) to project patterns onto the entire USA (332 million as these docs were originally written). Surveys used to be the only available option for estimating people's behaviors... but that's changed. Now we can use real human behavior at massive scale to understand consumers. PersonaLive is the first psychographic segmentation to do that.

Why is it "Live"?

With traditional segmentations, major updates are few and far between. The underlying data sources do not change much. As such, almost all aspects of the segmentation remain the same, even over long periods of time. To some degree stability is desirable; you don't want the identity of your target customers constantly changing! However, society is evolving at a much faster pace than census data.

PersonaLive combines the convenience of stable segments with the live aspects of social media, web behavior, and real world visitation to provide the ability to meet your customers where they are now. Imagine knowing trending hashtags that your customers are using. Or which store they've started to visit more in recent weeks. This can be achieved with PersonaLive.

Sample Data

You can find sample data for this data at this link. Note that the sample data is aggregated at the geographic level... this dataset can also be delivered at an individual level as described in the Delivery Format section.

One Pager

You can find a shareable one-pager summarizing PersonaLive at this link.

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