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Overview's FollowGraph dataset quantifies, at a geographic level, consumer interest in brands, influencers, media, and more using social media following data across over one thousand unique variables.

Segments like Tesla Enthusiasts, Beyonce Followers, Duck Dynasty Fans, National Geographic Fans, and Environmental Activists are just a few examples from the 1000+ variables included in this dataset.

Why use FollowGraph?

The strength of FollowGraph is in its wide breadth and straightforward approach to quantifying interests across geography. Unlike traditional datasets, it is based on real behavioral data, not surveys. Further, the social media based approach creates an actionable set of variables that can help users map interests, guide marketing spend, identify ideal locations, and more.

Sample Data

You can find sample data for this data at this link.


This dataset is available across the entire USA at the census block group level.

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