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Overview's FollowGraph dataset quantifies consumer interest in brands, influencers, media, and more using social media following data across thousands of unique variables (with thousands more available). Data can be delivered at a geographic or individual (person) level.

Segments like Tesla Enthusiasts, Beyonce Followers, Duck Dynasty Fans, National Geographic Fans, and Environmental Activists are just a few examples from the variables included in this dataset.

Why use FollowGraph?

FollowGraph is capable of predicting any person or place's propensity to follow practically any social media account with a significant presence.

Few, if any, datasets can match FollowGraph's breadth of variables and straightforward approach to quantifying interests. Unlike traditional datasets, it is based on real behavioral data, not surveys. Further, the social media based approach creates an actionable set of variables that can help users map interests, guide marketing spend, generate audiencies, identify ideal locations, and more.

We want to highlight the incredible potential to use FollowGraph for targeted marketing, personalization, investment risk analysis, site selection, and more. FollowGraph, using AI based modeling, can do all of this effectively without compromising the privacy of individuals.

Beta Release Note

This dataset is released (in it's beta form) as of June 2023. Some of the capabilities described in the documentation as they pertain to individual level data are not "in production" at this point, though they are in the documentation as if they are. All capabilities described are currently possible but may require coordinating with your representative rather than using our website or platform.

Sample Data

You can find sample data for this data at this link. Note the sample data is in census block group format (our standard geographic delivery format). We are very flexible in terms of delivery methods spanning both geographic and individual level data.


This dataset covers geographies and individuals across the entire USA.

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