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Overview's GeoWeb dataset summarizes, at a geographic level, web-browsing behaviors across more than one thousand unique segments. In general, this dataset answers the question: what types of websites and online behaviors do the people who live here participate in more than the average American?

However, these segments get extremely specific. Segments like Thrift Store Shoppers, Doctors, Hands-On Parents, Sleep Disorder Researchers, and Vegans are just a few examples from the 1000+ variables included in this dataset.

Why use GeoWeb?

The strength of the GeoWeb dataset is in its wide breadth and unique source. Web browsing behavior is a data source unlike traditional datasets that allows you uncover relationships across a host of different interests that may be correlated with geographic outcomes. Similar to the Proximity Dataset, this data source is generated independently of demographic data. Therefore, it captures different signal that can vastly improve predictive models.

Sample Data

You can find sample data for this data at this link.

One Pager

You can find a shareable one-pager summarizing GeoWeb at this link.


This dataset is available across the entire USA at the census block group level.


You can view our public changelog for the GeoWeb dataset at this at this link.

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